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What are the characteristics of a suitable apple for export?

Every year, many agricultural products are exported by companies, among which we can mention the wide export of apples. Apple is one of the products that exporting companies in the world pay special attention to, and from the past to the present, this product is one of the most popular agricultural products among exporters, which also has a large market. Although fruit exporting companies such as Zespri, Vira Fruits and Salix Fruits also export other fruits, a company like Vira Fruits has a very acceptable performance in the global market in exporting Iranian apple, which are very popular in the world. Iranian apple has excellent quality since they are grown in the best climatic conditions and harvested at the best time by agricultural experts. This advantage makes Vira Fruits Company an exporter of Iranian apples, among the leading exporting companies in the market, and has a special reputation.

Sincere conversation with one of the top Iranian apple exporters

We asked the CEO of Vira Fruits Company, Mr. Shabani, about Iranian apple:

Apples coming from gardens in mountainous areas are expected to have higher quality. How true is this?

Well, this is absolutely true. Apples coming from gardens in mountainous areas are always at lower temperatures. Lower temperature leads to more pressure on the apple, better color, and also less sugar content which leads to a longer lifetime.

What are the characteristics of a suitable apple for export?

When harvesting and packing, what are the most important points?

That is a good question! Damage to the fruit will shorten its life. It’s even more important for apple fruit because any fingerprints on the fruit will drastically shorten its lifespan. In harvesting seasons, we will need experienced laborers who carefully and smoothly pick the apple from the tree, put it in the bucket, and smoothly place the bucket of apples into the piles of apples.

So, do you have any advice for apple exporters who want to be successful?

In order to become a successful apple exporter, you need to ensure that your red apple has low sugar content and also high pressure. Vira Fruits focuses on harvesting apples and choosing gardens mainly.

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Conditions for export quality apples

If your crop is ripened to perfection, you’ll want to learn when exactly your apples are ripe, as well as some of the finer points of picking your crop. There are cultivars that hold up better in storage than others. In general, thick-skinned and tart varieties keep better and last longer than thin-skinned and sweet varieties. Knowing this can help you decide which varieties to store longer-term and which ones in the coming weeks. Typically, apples with a later harvest date also store better.

Quality is the most critical factor in apple exports. In addition to our variety of apples, all are produced in high quality. Having a smooth and bright skin, standard size, sanitary packaging, transparent color, and having no spots are good apple characteristics. On top of that, the apple’s aroma is another element that should be considered when buying a good apple, which most Iranian apples have. Your vision is not the only sense you should use when judging your crops maturity, but it is an excellent place to start. Look at an apple on your tree. Is its skin a mix of green and red? In the absence of red areas of the skin, the remaining color is the background color. In many cultivars, the background color changes from green to yellowish-green or golden as they mature. Iranian apple also has this quality and conditions.

Use your hands to determine if your apples are ready to pick: feel one or two. Mature fruit should feel firm, but not rock hard. It may be difficult to determine firmness until you taste it. If you aren’t sure if the fruit feels hard or not, wait until you’ve completed the taste test steps to make your final decision. Conversely, apples that are soft when squeezed are overripe and should be picked and used immediately. Compost them if they have become too ripe to eat.

What are the characteristics of a suitable apple for export?

Once your crop is mature or ripe, depending on your preference, it’s time to start picking! You can remove an apple from the tree by gently twisting it in your hand. When you are detaching the apple from the tree, you should do so gently so as not to damage the tree. As you harvest, gently place your crop in a bowl, basket, box, or bag. Harvest fruit from fruit trees using stainless steel bowls, shallow cardboard boxes, or reusable plastic grocery bags, depending on the quantity.

Be careful in choosing the exporting company. Elegant work makes all the difference.

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