Buy Bitcoin at half price!

Not only Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, but also it’s the most popular between more than 19000 cryptos available right now. Media quickly covers any kind of drop rate and make Bitcoin such big name in financial markets and social media. So how can we buy this decentralized cryptocurrency? Can we buy it half price?

If you are looking forward to invest in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular, you’ve probably seen these articles about buying Bitcoin half price or giving out Bitcoin for free. Truth is, these articles cannot be real as Bitcoin now is too valuable to give to someone for free or even at a discount. Most of the time, even if you found a deal to buy at a discount there is a high chance of a catch, so make sure the platform you are buying from is verified and trustworthy.

How can I buy Bitcoin?

Buying a digital asset can be pretty complicated if you are a first timer, so in order to make it simpler, we break it down to these few steps:

Choose a crypto trading service

The first step to buy your bitcoin is choosing a crypto exchange, they give you the easiest way of buying the asset and have a variety of currencies.

Registering in a crypto exchange lets you trade or stake currencies and lets you secure your assets in an online wallet.


Buy Bitcoin at half price!2



Connect your exchange to a payment option

For this step, you need to verify your identity. In order to do that you might need a picture of your driver license or social security card. Most of the time you can directly connect your bank account to do the transaction.

Store your Bitcoin

Many cryptocurrency exchanges have an integrated bitcoin wallet where you can safely store your bitcoins. However, some people don’t feel comfortable connecting their cryptocurrency to the Internet, where it can be easier to steal by hackers. Most major exchanges have private insurance to reimburse customers if this happens, but if you also prefer not to store your bitcoins and other currencies on the internet, you can use a ‘cold wallet’. This type of wallet is physically designed so that you can hold your bitcoins in your hand.

Where can I buy Bitcoin?

To buy and store your Bitcoin easier, you need to find the most trustworthy exchanges since there are a lot to choose from and each one is different from the other, so the best way to save money and save time, is to trust the ones working in these markets. One of them being Dr. Dara sadhezari who is an expert in this field.


Buy Bitcoin at half price!3

Do we need training to enter the cryptocurrency market?

The digital currency market is a financial market which has caught the attention of many investors in the past few years. This market, like other financial markets, has fluctuations that cause profit or loss. Therefore, before entering this market and starting to invest, it is recommended to use digital currency training courses to understand market fluctuations and signals and invest according to them.

How can we know the current price of Bitcoin?

Timing is key for accurate investment in this market. In order to not miss any investment opportunities, you need to know the current price of digital currencies. With this information, you can use the market to your advantage even in short-term time frames. (Time frame is the duration of the entry and exit of your capital in the cryptocurrency market)

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