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Establish communication between nursing staff

The nurse call system is a smart solution for easier and faster access to the nurse. This system has been designed and implemented in various ways to finally meet the needs of patients for emergencies to access the nurse as appropriately as possible. In fact, with this method of access and contact with the nurse, the speed of doing things will increase and patients’ anxiety in case of emergencies will be significantly reduced. The nurse call system is considered a practical necessity for any hospital and can greatly increase patient satisfaction. In these systems, the activity of nurses can be tracked, as well as the possibility of tracking conversations in some models designed for this system.

The nurse contact system is designed for different hospitals and clinics so that in addition to providing the possibility of contacting the nurse properly, patient information is displayed automatically. This information can include the patient’s profile and the type of illness, as well as the date of admission and his or her physician. All the necessary standards for the implementation of the nurse call system must be considered in order for the services to be properly improved.

Design and implementation of nurse call system

The nurse call system has different types, each of which shows the best performance in certain situations. These systems are designed for specific conditions to provide optimal performance. These systems have used various technologies in different types of construction in order to best meet the needs of medical centers and hospitals, if necessary.

The system is designed to be able to run on the patient’s bed console in the best possible way so that the patient can easily contact the nurse when needed. The use of this system allows the patient to submit his request for the presence of a nurse. Nurse call systems have been upgraded from traditional to advanced and have many capabilities. These capabilities are intended to increase the efficiency and usability of these systems.

The nurse call system allows the patient to make a request without being moved. The existence of this system makes the patient and his companion feel safe to a great extent. With the nurse call system, the services provided to the patient will be faster.

Application of nurse call system

One of the most important advantages of using these systems is that there is no congestion in the counter area of ​​the nursing station and the patient’s request is made in the best possible way.

Nurse call systems are designed in different ways, which are classified into two categories according to their function. One of them is the nurse summons system. In this system, the request made by the patient is as a warning. This means that after the call button is pressed, the alarm sounds and the nurse notices the problem.

The nurse call system is also known as the Goya system. In this system , the possibility of requesting and summoning a nurse also acts as a warning, and in addition , the patient can talk to the nurse where there is a shift and is at the nursing station .

The nurse call system must be intelligently designed to create a good connection between the patient and the nurse by having a high quality voice call. Eventually, with a well-designed system, communication can take place more efficiently, delaying device failure and using a quality contact system for a longer period of time. Simple installation of these devices is one of the important benefits that increase the usability of these devices.

Hospital information system is a system that is designed in hospitals to provide the necessary information in an integrated manner. In fact, using this system, you can control the management of all affairs and activities that take place in different departments. The hospital information system can handle various information such as planning, coordination and monitoring in different parts. In this way, decision-making and coordination will be easier for people and appropriate support can be provided. In fact, support for hospital activities at various levels is provided by the hospital information system, which may be practical or tactical. It is possible to collect information as well as integrate it using various systems such as computers, which can finally be used in the hospital information system. In fact, the purpose of an information system is to process and retrieve information properly in order to provide the necessary information to communicate with patients in a desirable way. In general, in the information system, all data is stored in one database and can be easily accessed wherever the medical staff needs patient information in different departments.

The operating room surgical light is known as one of the most important and necessary equipment in the operating room , which is used to illuminate the area where the surgery is to be performed . This lamp has different types that have different design and structure. The part where the surgical lights together create light in the operating room is often referred to as the surgical light system, which has certain characteristics. In order for the light in the operating room to be created uniformly and to have suitable conditions, surgical lights are used, which are divided into different types in the form of filaments as well as LEDs. Ordinary light bulbs are also known as halogen light bulbs. In the case of LED lamps, it can be said that lamps are suitable for surgery and are considered a suitable option for creating light. These lamps are a good choice for the operating room because they eliminate the problems caused by infrared radiation in creating heat. Depending on the structure, the lights can be mounted on the ceiling, or mounted on the wall and benefited from their light, or lights in portable types are also provided.

Features of sialic lamps for operating room


The operating room surgical lights should illuminate in a way that does not cast shadows. One of the best types of these lights is Sialtik. As a result, using this light for the operating room, the depth of light penetration is standard and appropriate. The depth of light penetration is an important factor because it makes the color of the desired organ to be seen correctly, which is very important in surgery. Another thing to consider for operating room lights is that their light should be cold, and since light is generally warm, cold light greatly reduces the drying of body tissues.

One of the features of sialitic lamps is that they can be moved in different directions and as a result there is a sterility for the arms. Sialic lamp as a suitable device for surgery has other desirable features. This light has enough light for any type of surgery in the operating room. One of the advantages of this light is that it is similar to daylight and produces cold light, which is done with the optical filters designed for it. The shadow created by this light is reduced to a minimum.

The purpose of designing a hospital information system

The hospital information system is designed and implemented with specific goals, one of which is the effective use of all available resources to ensure that patient care is properly available. In these systems, quality improvement in service will be provided by the treatment staff. The necessary support can be provided for education as well as research for the treatment of the disease and the use of drugs and other items. In addition, using these systems, it is possible to access the patient’s history and other information about his background. Finally, the information obtained is provided seamlessly in this system so that it can be accessed when necessary. At present, due to the progress that has been made, many hospitals are trying to mechanize the work process so that, as a result, costs are greatly reduced. Mechanization of information increases accuracy, and there is no inventory of paper games in manual systems. In fact, by using the right information system, the quality of services provided to the patient can be greatly increased and improved. As a result, this information can be collected in the form of an electronic file so that it can be easily accessed when needed.


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