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Block Trade Okayed for Commodity Exchanges

Business And Markets October 31, 2021 23:22 0 Block Trade Okayed for Commodity Exchanges Block Trade Okayed for Commodity Exchanges . . . . .

Board members of the Securities and Exchange Organization approved a plan that enables investors in the Iran Mercantile Exchange and the Iran Energy Exchange to engage in block trade.
“Prior to this block trade was limited to the Tehran Stock Exchange and Iran Fara Bourse [the smaller equity market],” Mohamad-Reza Alami the SEO deputy for supervising commodity exchanges was quoted as saying by the SEO’s news agency.
With commodity exchanges expanding their footprint, he said, it was decided to expand block trading to commodity exchanges.
Block trade typically involves a large numbers of equities or bonds trade at an arranged price between two parties. This sometimes is conducted done outside open markets to lessen the impact on the security's price. Individual investors rarely go for block trade due to its size.
As per SEO guidelines, block trade in the past was not conducted in the IRENEX and IME spot markets. Commodity-based certificate of deposits, salaf contracts and units of commodity funds will henceforth be traded in block at the IME and IRENEX.
IME and IRENEX are commodity exchanges in Tehran. The former hosts deals in farm, industrial and petrochemical products in the spot and futures markets while IRENEX handles trade in energy carriers.

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