Kermanshah Petrochem Plant to Double Urea, Ammonia Output

Economy November 30, 2021 19:09 0 Kermanshah Petrochem Plant to Double Urea, Ammonia Output Kermanshah Petrochem Plant to Double Urea, Ammonia Output . . . . .

The second phase of Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Company in the namesake western province will be completed by 2023, Kermanshah’s governor-general said.
“Upon the launch of the second phase, urea and ammonia production capacity of the plant will double,” Houshang Bazvand was also quoted as saying by the Oil Ministry’s news agency Shana.
“The production capacity of the second phase equals that of the first phase and the total credit required to complete the development project is $333 million, about half of which has been spent so far,” he added.
KPIC was founded in 1996 and operates as a subsidiary of Parsian Oil and Gas Development Company. It produces ammonia and urea for the fertilizer industry.
Located 30 km from the center of the province, the plant produces about 1 million tons of products per year, including 400,000 tons of ammonia and 600,000 tons of granular urea.
The complex receives its natural gas feedstock via the cross-country pipeline, aka Iran Gas Trunkline.
The development venture is part of a drive to complete the value chain in the downstream petrochemical industry and contributes to the income of the region through increased valuation of natural gas and further job generation.
One of the key advantages of the complex is its proximity to the growing Iraqi and Turkish urea markets.
The annual production of urea in Iran is about 5 million tons, around half of which is sold domestically and the surplus is exported. Output is planned to reach 15 million tons per annum by 2023 after the completion of several projects.

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