Iraq opposes any form of normalization with Israel: Cleric

Iraq opposes any form of normalization with Israel: Cleric Friday, 03 December 2021 02:01

A prominent Iraqi Shia cleric has said his country vehemently opposes any form of normalization of relations with Israel as well as attempts to deprive the Palestinian people of their inalienable rights.

Iran Press/ Middle East: “The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People draws attention to the humane and justice-seeking dimensions of the issue of the oppressed Palestinian nation,” Leader of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, said in a message on Monday evening.

The occasion “emphasizes the fact that the issue is in the hearts and minds of Arabs and Muslims and will not fade into oblivion with the passage of time,” Hakim noted.

He underlined that Palestinians reserve an inalienable right to their lands, history, and future, which can only be established through the support of Arabs, Muslims, and the international community, as well as the settlement of internal disputes and active resistance against the Israeli regime.

“On this occasion, we reaffirm our opposition to any form of normalization of relations with the occupying Israeli regime and demand the rights of the Palestinian people to a dignified and sovereign state and a return to their homes and homeland,” Hakim asserted.

The top cleric further stated that “the Iraqi government and nation, together with the religious authority and various political factions, support the Palestinian cause and oppose any attempt aimed at depriving Palestinians of their national identity, lands, freedom, and dignity.”

Earlier this month, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry reiterated Baghdad’s support for the Palestinian cause, stressing that the Arab country categorically rejects any normalization scheme with the Tel Aviv regime.

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“We renew the stance of the Foreign Ministry, as it was known, Iraq’s firm and supportive stance towards the Palestinian cause, the implementation of the full legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and the categorical rejection of the issue of normalization with Israel,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf said in a statement on November 21.

Sahaf noted that Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein had underscored the Palestinian people’s rights and Iraq’s rejection of any form of normalization with Tel Aviv during the IISS Manama Dialogue forum and other international meetings.

The foreign minister stressed “his saying of ‘No to Normalization’, both at the Manama conference and in televised interviews,” the spokesman noted.


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