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Pahlavani sport, Iranian tradition with global fame

Tabriz (IP) – May 18, 2022, is the National Day of Pahlavani Culture and Sport, an ancient sport rooted in the rich Iranian culture that connects the power of soul and body.

Iran PressIran news: Pahlevani and Zoorkhaneh rituals are one of those traditions which carry a rich ethical culture within. The name has been inscribed by UNESCO for ‘varzesh-e pahlavani’ ‘heroic sport’ or ‘varzesh-e bastani’ ‘ancient sport’ which refers to traditional wrestling or a system of athletics originally used to train Iranian warriors in Persia and the adjacent lands.

Pahlavani sport has its root in Islam, each element of which represent the humbleness of the athletes doing the sport, their gentle soul, strong will, and powerful body.

Asghar Sefidi, the Morshed (master) of Tabriz’s Zourkhanehs (Pahalavini sports clubs), told Iran Press that the sport was disseminated only from Iran and because of its engagement of thought, soul, and the body was considered to be the perfect sports among others.

One of the factors making the sport attractive is the performance of live rhythmic music while the athletes are exercising on the field.

Every session begins with pious praise of the Prophet Muhammed and his family. The morshed dictates the pace by beating a goblet drum (zarb) while reciting Gnostic poems and stories from Persian mythology.


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