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Distinguish the best porcelain slabs from other slabs

Distinguish the best porcelain slabs from other slabs


Unique stone cutting is located in Mahmoud Abad industrial town located in Isfahan province. This stone cutting factory is very famous in the field of Chinese stones. We want to introduce some of these stones to you. These stones are:

We will give you a useful and brief description of the stones, their mines and their applications. Stay with us.

White porcelain slabs:

One of the most requested products from our factory is white porcelain slabs. But the customer is completely unaware of the variety of white porcelain slabs. He does not know which white porcelain he wants! This type of stone has a lot of variety, which we will mention a few of them. These are:

Do not worry at all because we are going to explain about each of them. But white porcelain is not limited to these cases. Other white porcelain stones will be unveiled at the Uniq stone cutting factory soon. After the unveiling, we will write articles about them and introduce them to you.

Slab Neyriz

The very popular product of Unique factory is Neyriz slab. Neyriz slab, due to its white color and many different designs on this type of product, has many requests from our customers for this stone. You can see some examples of white porcelain stones on the stone price page. One of these examples is Neyriz Super Chinese slab.

Why is Neyriz Slab so popular?

Excessive whiteness of this stone in some samples of this stone, which have a very high purity of the stone, are able to compete with foreign samples that are imported into the country. Of course, there are other reasons to buy this stone, which are:

But where is this beautiful stone used?

This stone has many applications in exterior and interior views of houses and buildings. Some of its applications are:

Azna slab stone:

Another famous stone of the unique stone cutting factory is Azna Chinese slab stone. Azna slab, unlike Neyriz slab, has less variety. Azna slab stands out with a white background and black lines on its surface. Applications of this stone are in the following areas:

You can read the full features and applications of this stone by referring to the Azna Slab article, and we will guide you in buying this stone.


Aligudarz slab stone

Aligudarz slab stone is one of the best-selling and best stones of Uniq stone cutting factory. The stone stands out with a white background and black and gray lines. Unique features as well as quality processing of this stone has made this stone one of the most popular stones in the factory.




Why should we buy from a unique stone cutting factory?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by users of the unique stone cutting site. In your answer, we can say that the unique stone cutting factory has had only one goal since 1396, when it started operating:

“Providing quality slabs to the people all around the world”

  1. For this reason, the processing steps in this factory are very different from other stone cutting factories. If we want to briefly explain the processing steps of a stone to you, it is as follows:
  2. First, we transfer the stones from the best mines in the country to the unique stone-cutting factory.
  3. After that, we transfer them in the factory’s covered warehouse.
  4. If the stone is not as sensitive and fragile as orange marble, we transfer it to a hall saw.
  5. There, the stone coupe turns into several stone slabs.
  6. Then we use epoxy instead of resin.
  7. Then we glue the stone plate mesh.
  8. After this, we transfer it to the warehouse with the help of indoor cranes.
  9. After 2 to 3 days, it will enter the pre-sub and sub-stage.
  10. After that, there will be teleportation and they will enter the exhibition and present it to the dear customers.

How can slabs be obtained from a unique stone cutting factory?

You can contact the consultants of Uniq Sangbari factory and after receiving the consultation, you can announce the code of your desired slab type and you will be asked questions such as the following.

Or you can go to the unique stone cutting factory and visit the stone exhibition. After selecting your stone in the management office, you register your order. You can read about all of them by visiting the unique stone cutting site and seeing the types of white porcelain slabs and find out the efficiency of the stone you want.

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